Rising Up Into 2021

We’re a week into this year and… woah. That’s all I’m going to say. *Stares blankly into space* But hear me out… what if 2020 wasn’t the big challenge? What if 2021 is where the REAL challenge lies?

Before you roll your eyes, I’m not talking any “the worst is yet to come” nonsense. 2020 was, no hesitation, the most challenging and devastating year. For me, for you, for families, for those that are alone, for parents, for teachers, for humans in general. And 2021 is shaping up to be a real doozy. (Ok, now you can roll your eyes.)

When I say that 2021 is the REAL challenge- I’m not talking zombies and end-of-world doomsday, I’m talking growth.

What if 2020 is the ashes, and 2021 is the phoenix?

2020 taught us SO MUCH. It taught us resilience. Patience. Limits. Boundaries. Fear. Grief. Loss. It taught us how to rise up.

A dear friend, a true soul sister, recommended a book to me. She recommended If Women Rose Rooted by Sharon Blackie. She said it was life changing. I’m 17 pages in… and she’s not wrong.

It’s been YEARS since I’ve read a book that challenged me; I haven’t touched a book that genuinely made me think in so, so long. I’ve been an advanced reader since I was in elementary school. I was an English major in college. Since then, I’ve stuck to books I’ve enjoyed. Nothing too deep, nothing that really made me read each page slowly, and drink in the words. Nothing that inspired me. Nothing that really lit a fire in me.

Tonight I spent a few minutes with this book and it’s like it gave my brain a kick start. Which is really something I’ve been avoiding since my seizure diagnosis this summer, ha! I had this light bulb moment.

We’re all walking gently into the new year… We learned what we needed, and now we keep going. It’s as simple as that. 2020 was quite literally a fire. Forest fires quite literally devastated our country. 2020 wasn’t the hard part. It’s just the ashes.

The real challenge is coming. Because apparently there is still a fire raging, but do not fear, it is dying out. The fire that has been raging is slowly dying out.

Yes, we’ve lost. We’ve endured. We’ve suffered. And here we are. Standing in the ashes. Waiting for the last tendrils of flames to disappear, so that we can rise up.

There’s a mysterious darkness and beauty about a phoenix. Beauty coming from complete ruin and devastation. That’s us, mamas. Stepping out of the fire.

We’re still rocking our sweatpants, our mom bun held in place with dry shampoo and our coffee is often forgotten and lukewarm- but we’re stronger for the year we’ve endured. We’re rising up.

We know more now than we did. If anything, we’ve learned how far we can be pushed. And those of you that are homeschooling, I’m sure you’ve picked up a few tidbits of history and math along the way, too 😉 We’ve learned about ourselves, we’ve learned about our families and what works, or doesn’t work.

Whatever found us in 2020 is leaving us stronger. Take a sip of your coffee, and do the damn thing, mama. Whatever you were afraid of in 2020- lets face it head on in 2021.


Lukewarm Coffee Mom

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